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The role of the Spanish white pork sector with zero hunger.

Worldwide, the Spanish white pork sector provides an affordable protein with high nutritional value, especially important in developing countries, where it is a source of wealth that allows the economic survival of many families, especially the most vulnerable, and contributes to compliance with SDG 2, zero hunger, and fights against malnutrition.

One of the main challenges that humanity must face in the 21st century is to respond in an effective, sustainable and healthy way to the increasing demand for food by a growing population. It is currently estimated that the world population is about seven billion people, and it is expected that by 2050, we will be almost ten billion people.

In this sense, Spanish pork companies produce 5.07 million tons of meat, of which 2.93 million tons are sold to more than 111 international markets, to which must be added the European Union countries. In addition, more than 4 billion consumers around the world have white pork products from Spain at their disposal, being a source of pride for the sector.

Also, the Spanish Inter-professional Agri-Food Organization for White Pork (INTERPORC) contributes to raising awareness about food loss and waste and has made meat and meat products donations to soup kitchens. In fact, fresh and frozen pork barely accounts for 0.65% of the share of food waste in Spanish homes. This makes it the line of products with the lowest proportion of waste in the Spanish food system, based on data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food prepared by INTERPORC.

Thanks to the incorporation of innovations and continuous improvements in the activity of all the stakeholders of the sectoral food chain, as well as the low waste produced by their products, the Spanish white pork sector plays a fundamental role for the whole of the world food system producing healthy, quality food at an affordable price, and doing so while protecting the planet and caring for our animals.

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