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Experience and prestige make our brand AGF Advisers one of the most recognized meat traders in Spain.

Our presence over more than 25 years in the meat market has made us an experienced meat trading company with many commercial links in the international meat market. In that context, we have developed from Spain a global network of suppliers and clients which covers more than 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Middle East, the Americas and the American Pacific. Consequently, AGF Advisers has the know-how, capabilities and experience for being your best partner in any trading transaction in the international meat market.

Consequently, AGF Advisers has the know-how, capabilities and experience for being your best partner in any trading transaction in the international meat market.

Based on our extensive presence in the meat market, we successfully apply our the know-how, capabilities and experience in the international scene, while adapting to different cultures and needs.

Our rigorous process of selecting partners for our purchases and sales, make our meat trading company a reliable and efficient company, where our clients and suppliers are considered trustworthy partners and keep opting for AGF Advisers as one of their preferred international meat traders.

We work with a philosophy which is grounded in fully understanding the businesses of our clients and suppliers so that we can be in the best position to collaborate with them. It is also based on having a deep knowledge of the political, economic and cultural climate of where our clients and supplies are located. This is the true function of an international meat trading company.

We firmly believe that if our clients succeed, we will succeed. If our suppliers are successful, we wil be successful too. This allows us to bridge the gap between the supplier and the client.

Our work as meat traders is becoming more challenging and complex every day, due to the structural changes in the current meat market as well as the growing and legitimate demands of consumers. We are committed in obtaining good quality products and having the correct knowledge of the origin of each and every one of them. AGF is constantly evolving to ensure we meet the needs of our clients.

Market prices


11 Abr. 0.000 €/Kg


11 Abr.1,00 €


15th week 0.03 €/Kg

European Pig Prices

Spain (Live) – 11 Abr. 0,000 €/Kg

Germany (Carcass)  10 Abr. 0,00 €/Kg

France (Carcass) 08 Abr. 0,000 €/Kg

Portugal (Carcass) 11 Abr. 0,00 €/Kg


Trusting our partners involved in each of the stages of our business is one of the foundations of our work structure.


We continuously improve our way of working, in order to fight for the future of the next generations, to respect and protect the environment, to advance in product quality, supply chains, and responsible logistics.


We advise and assist our clients and suppliers to find the right products in each of the business transactions that we carry out, and we maintain fair prices and respect the promised delivery times.


Ethics are one of our primary values, and accordingly we strongly respect each and every one of our commitments.

Market news:

Ivory Coast

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Within the process of continuous improvement of our services and development of our new expansion projects in African and Middle East markets and in the spirit of providing a better service to our customers, with the utmost respect for all cultures and religions, AGF Advisers by PJAG Markets SL has obtained the Halal certification as…

Brazil registers first cases of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in wild birds

In view of the detection of the first cases of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza virus – H5N1 in three wild birds on the coast of Espírito Santo, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) informs that: On Wednesday (10), the Official Veterinary Service (SVO) began the investigation of suspected avian influenza after notification received…

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