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The Spanish white layer pig sector starts the year in a privileged position, but will have to face new challenges

The Spanish white layer pig sector begins the year located in a position of international privilege that has been earned due to its professionalism, its good work and its great results in recent decades, which have led it to be the third largest producer and second largest exporter Worldwide.

This has been confirmed to us by INTERPORC when, from the Meat area of C de Comunicación, we have asked them about the balance at the end of the year and the forecasts that the Interprofessional faces for the coming months.

In this way, they have also affirmed that, during 2023, a lot of work will be done in the white-coated pig sector in matters of energy self-sufficiency, animal welfare, digitization, circular economy, defense of rural Spain, reduction of GHGs, food security or fight against hoaxes, among others.

Apparently, known issues that are not new but that, this year, will offer new challenges that will have to be answered or in which it will be necessary to find how to treat or improve in order to continue offering consumers quality products, produced in a sustainable manner and with the maximum guarantees of food safety, biosecurity and animal welfare.

A model of success
An objective for which, the essence, will continue to be to maintain the model applied by the sector in the last 25 years and which has formed its own DNA based on seven bases: animal welfare, rural development, innovation, internationalization, professionalism, food safety and sustainability.

This sector has become an example to follow because it has the vocation to continue marking the path of excellence in all its actions. Even exceeding the demands and the pressure he receives for being permanently in the spotlight.

INTERPORC affirms that 2023 will once again be a year in which actions will be carried out to defend the image and reputation of the sector through the promotion and implementation of programs that favor progress in economic, social and environmental sustainability of companies. And, of course, always with the utmost transparency and constantly communicating the truth about the pig to society through a coherent and modern message.

Source: Carnica C

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